Monday, 27 January 2014


Expectations from Google in 2014


Google known for its innovative ideas and services across the globe and that is why people love to use it. This search engine giant is now becoming the part of our life, without Google we can’t imagine the use of the internet. Although we can say that today Internet and Google are the most essential things in our lives.
Google is a technology leader today and standing on the peaks of success with its gadgets and services. Google connects people by launching a variety of products and services whether its search engine or mobile platform, email services or high tech gadgets. Here in this post we are going to mention some of the most expected things, changes and launches by Google this year.

google glassesGoogle Glasses :
A Google most innovative product that has already made a place in the news headlines for the last year. This year it seems to reach the stores for public availability at the end of this year of 2014. Google is trying to show their glasses publicly in US to let the people try and taking feedbacks in return. They are also planning to enhance their software in the future and will announce it on the Google I/O conference in May or June this year.

Google smart watchGoogle Smart-watch :
Smartphone and tablets are now old and that is why Smart watches are making a buzz in the market this time. After the launch of Apple’s smart watch many tech firms are working on this type of gadgets to remain in the market. Samsung smart gear and Sony smart watch have grabbed some attention last year. An Android powered smart watch is expected to be launch by Google this year.

google-tvGoogle Smart TV :
Today most of the tech firms are looking forward to target your living room and taking it as a key point of success. Smart TV is the first step, where Apple and Sony have already launched their gaming console last year. Smart TVs are now in trend where Apple and Samsung has launched their products and people are taking an interest. In this series Google is also planning to launch their smart TV based on the Android platform.

google nexus Google Nexus :
Google has already launched their featured Smartphone known Google Nexus in 2010 based on Android platform. Google this time again going to announce its new android powered nexus device in 2014. This is a less famous Smartphone launched by Google but not because of its performance but Google has not represented it as a focused product in the market. Although Google nexus is the best Smartphone device  that can support Android OS properly.

Google ChromecastGoogle Chromcast Push :
Google introduced its inexpensive TV dongle last year that was really appreciated by the users. This was really a great approach in the Airplay zone in response to the Apple services. In 2014 Google will launch its enhanced Chromcast with latest functionalities in the market.

Google-AndroidGoogle Android Updates :
Google’s world famous mobile OS Android is now capturing around 80% of the world Smartphone market in the third quarter of last year. Till now android 4.4 was the best ever Android version that has boosted the android popularity in the world. The Android 4.4 version was featured with Google Now and SMS integration for hangouts with neat and clean design. It is expected that Google will definitely launch their latest Android version this year with any possible name.

google plusGoogle Plus :
Fastest growing Social networking platform Google Plus is now keeps an important role in the search engine ranking. CEO Larry Page has already told that Google Plus is the Social spine of the Google Company and its products. Last year Google introduced the YouTube and Google play under Google plus account. This time it is expected that Google will introduce some of its other products under the Google + account.

google-searchGoogle Smart Search :
Google was started as and search engine a still today relay on their core functioning that is search. Google earns a large amount of their total revenue from their search business. Google always tries to make their search easy and helpful for their users. In the future Google will try to give search results proactively based on your activities on Google +, Google Drive, Gmail and Google Docs. It means if you are writing an article on Google Docs then Google will show you the results based on Articles, Docs, and Books of your selected category.

google chromBookGoogle ChromeBook :
After launching many products and services Google has launched its ChromeBook last year. Many companies like Dell, Acer, HP and Lenovo has also launched the Google Chrome powered OS laptops. We can see that laptops and Desktops device sales are declining because people need a break. Google also represented a substitute for windows,Mac and Linux OS. It is expected that Google will launch their Chrome powered laptops this year with enhanced features and apps.

Google fiberGoogle Fiber :
After becoming the largest search engine and most popular mobile OS maker, Google is planning to give high speed internet services to the user. Google is looking forward to broaden its superfast fiber internet services to a wide scale. Right now Google’s Fiber internet services limited to the Kansas City in Austin area. Google is planning to cover Texas area in the mid 2014 this year.